Our stairwell is currently being adorned with another piece of art.

Do you recognise whose portrait the artist Rais Khalilov is painting?

Rais Khalilov was born in 1961 in Northern Russia. From 1981 to 1986 he studied at the Muchina Academy in Leningrad / St. Petersburg. Since 1993 he lives and works in Berlin.

Rais Khalilov works as a painter, stage designer, graphic designer, art teacher and exhibition curator. His paintings and graphics have already been exhibited in Japan, Russia, Latvia, Canada and Germany.

He calls his artistic style “synaesthesia”. This term is a combination of the Greek words “together” and “feeling” and stands for the synthesis of perception through different sensory organs: “When people think, their brain generates 23W of energy. Our thoughts are electromagnetic emissions. Through these impulses we come into contact with the information field of our planet, from where we get our ideas like from a kind of library.”

He’s a master of the “staging of spatial presentations”.

In collaboration with the Kunstamt (art-office) Berlin-Pankow he repeatedly organised the exhibition “sense & space”. This exhibition displayed the work of artists from various countries around the world that are now living in Berlin.

We are therefore very pleased that he now contributes to the art collection in our house, which is also designed by artists from different countries and cultures of the world.