Our Student Apartments


As part of the scholarships awarded by SBW Berlin, scholarship recipients who show a civic engagement during their studies live in one of the shared student apartments in the south of Berlin

Exemplary for our accommodations is this duplex apartment which covers 120 square meters and includes three spacious bedrooms on the upper floor. A large kitchen and roomy recreation area are located on the lower floor. It is the perfect setting for scholarship holders to connect, discuss and exchange ideas.

All student appartments are fully furnished and offer scholarship recipients a place to study or to retreat. The SBW Berlin Team advices and supports all scholarship recipients who attend regular meetings to discuss the progress of their projects. 

The M46 bus stops nearby. The next U-Bahn station is just a short distance away and can be reached by bus or on foot. with the U7 scholarship recipients have  a good service connection to all universities in Berlin.