On September 1st 2018 the development program began for Aleksander. He is currently studying
at a Language School in Berlin and his short introduction is as follows:My name is Aleksander Rashkov. I am 19 years old and I was born in Bulgaria.
I successfully completed a course at the Agricultural College K. A. Timiryasev in the region of Russe.
It is my dream to reach a technologically advanced level so I can realise better options in my future environment.
This is why I applied for a Scholarship at the SBW Berlin GmbH and where I was accepted into a Program.
At present I am participating in a German class in Berlin and I feel already very comfortable here.
Berlin is very versatile and interesting and it has lots of historic sites and landmarks.
The people of the Team at SBW Berlin GmbH have been very hospitable since my arrival and they
are interested in my wellbeing and further development.”