bsfs Berlin’s school for acting

In July 2020 Berlin’s school for acting (bsfs) and SBW Berlin formed an official partnership.

This innovative training facility for actors was founded in 1992 by Frank Klaffke and is a state-recognized vocational school.

In 2017, the school moved into modern office, rehearsal and training rooms in a typical Berlin factory building in the trendy district of Friedrichshain. In January 2020, a studio stage was inaugurated in the same building, which is regularly used by the berlin school for acting.

The training focusses on methodical teaching of the acting craft as well as the evolvement of the individual personality with all its strengths and qualities. For this purpose, the berlin school for acting has developed its own poetic-realistic method, which is based on the theater reforms by Max Reinhardt, Konstantin Stanislawski and Bertolt Brecht.
Personal expression, truthfulness and courage lay the groundwork for profound artistic skills. The Berlin School for Acting boosts awareness and advancement of aesthetic sensitivity and the artistic talent of the individual.

The school’s artistic director is actor David Emig. Instructors from various universities in Berlin, as well as actors, directors and dramaturges with many years of professional experience in the fields of theater, film and television, conduct the training.

Since 2019 one of our scholarship holders studies acting there. After escaping from Syria, he discovered his love for writing and theatre in Germany.

Already in 2016 he directed his first play completely independently. The school management selected his second work “Between the Chairs” as a school project. It’s based on Mohamed Al-Maghout’s novel “I will betray my homeland” and will be premiered on the school’s studio stage in December 2020.

“Between the Chairs” is intended to encourage dialogue between Germans and refugees and to create more understanding for the situation of politically persecuted people. Not only students from the acting school will perform in this play, but also refugees who will be included in the school’s training.

SBW Berlin supports and subsidises this theatre project because we want to contribute to the integration of refugees and help create more understanding between cultures.

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