We are very happy to welcome the bsfs (school for acting in berlin) as a new partner in our intercultural network!

The source of this cooperation is the theatre project “Between the Chairs”. This play will be premiered on December 11, 2020 on the bsfs studio stage.

It was written by one of our scholarship holders who fled from Syria to Germany in 2016 and discovered his enthusiasm for the theater here.

Since last year, he studies acting at bsfs with the support of SBW Berlin. Now his play “Between the Chairs” has been selected as a school project. This means that the staging will be developed in the form of scene studies as part of the lessons. The production will be directed by the professional director Karin Mikityla, who teaches at the bsfs.

In addition to our scholarship holder and some of his classmates, other actors or amateur theatre enthusiasts with an escape biography may also take part in this production because the play is mainly about the topics “home” and “escape”. The literary source for this play was Mohamad Almaghout’s novel “I will betray my homeland | delirium in horror and freedom”.

With his play “Between the chairs” our scholarship holder wants to encourage to the dialogue between Germans and refugees. “Many refugees feel that fleeing their country is a betrayal of their homeland. Therefore, it is very difficult for them to talk about it.”

On the other side many Germans find it difficult to imagine the situation of politically persecuted people. They don’t want to ask indiscreet questions or hit a sore point with thoughtless utterances.

The advancement of intercultural exchange is very important to us. That’s why we also want to support the integration of refugees.

For this reason, we decided to subsidise the theatre project “Between the Chairs” and to take on part of the public relations.