The Talent Development Program in Bulgaria has been announced to the public through various media channels for over a month now and we are pleased to have gained a first impression of some potential applicants.

Dr. Krasimir Manev, lecturer at the University “Angel Kanchev” in Russe and Mr. Rusan Georgiev, senior teacher at a vocational school in Byala, together have conducted initial talks with people who have shown an interest in this program.

Dr. Manev, who is also our representative in Bulgaria shares on this first encounter:

“The first meetings with candidates for this project have taken place and there were many interesting conversations that have left a very good impression. The candidates sincere motivation accompanied by the ability to assess a realistic implementation regarding their own options impressed us and I can summarise the points made as follows:

  • The candidates find the offered opportunities extremely attractive. Unfortunately, we still obverse doubts concerning the terms “foundation” and “non-governmental organisation” which still trigger a negative association in Bulgaria.
  • Frequently asked questions during the conversations were:

o How sustainable and secure are the proposed project conditions;

o What would happen if a candidate cannot complete his education for one reason or another;

o What is the content of the degree program, the internship and the future work activity.

I am convinced of the high potential of the candidates and these first interviews have shown that candidates have also the desire and motivation to participate. This is most important at the moment in order to reach the next application phase. “

We welcome the feedback from applicants regarding those past interviews and we would like to provide you with a brief summary of answers to the most frequently asked questions.

The main aim of the talent development program is to support young talents who themselves do not have the possibility to develop their skills through education at hand and to provide them with better opportunities to shape their lives. The focus is also to involve the successful applicants with projects in their country of origin to disseminate their qualifications and experience gained in Germany.

We work individually with each scholarship holder and provide a personally developed plan for successful applicants. According to each individualised plan, we make a joint decision on which degree program, or which teaching profession is most suited. Furthermore, we support all applicants through all necessary admin procedures.

Of course, contractual framework conditions have been created where for example an unsuccessful graduation is regulated.

We are pleased about the progress of the Talent Development Program and thank you all for your support and interest.