We are happy to announce that we have now also developed a scholarship programme for refugees!

Because of their complicated biography, it is much more difficult for them to obtain the university entrance qualification. Our original talent development program could not help many talented and committed refugees because they could not meet our application requirements due to bureaucratic hurdles and language barriers.

Currently, approximately 1.3 million refugees live in Germany. About a third of them are minors. The majority came in 2016 from Syria. Hardly anyone spoke German. Many of them had not yet reached their university entrance qualification or at least could not prove it.

In the future we want to take their special situation into account and ensure that also refugees have a fair chance to apply for our scholarship. We have therefore adjusted our application requirements for refugees accordingly:

  • Instead of only 18 months, they and their relatives are allowed to have already stayed in Germany for up to 6 years at the time of their application.
  • Since they have to pass their Abitur (European Baccalaureate) in a foreign language, we have set a minimum grade point average of 2 or 2.5 for them.
  • Of course, we also don’t expect them to return to their home country after they graduate.

Although our guidelines were only adopted in June, a few high school graduates from Neukölln already learned about this scholarship programme and sent us their application.

Detailed information about our scholarship for refugees can be found in our scholarship guidelines for refugees. The current version can be downloaded from this page.