One of the most important things that can happen in the life of a person is the possibility to educate the mind.

And we can all do this in different ways.

When we engage on the process of learning something new, we are also able understand the difficulties that come along when obtaining new knowledge, and we subconsciously decompose what we have learnt (new concepts) into understandable small pieces of knowledge that we can add to our memory of knowledge (historical knowledge).

And while we are learning new concepts, we are also improving our perceptions and actively re-configurating our minds to this new knowledge.

So, every time that a person engages in the learning process of any type is changing and reconceptualizing their entire world perception again and again.

We become more articulated, to think, to speak, to analyze. you become more competent in more specific topics than before and that resonates in your persona and every time this happens more and more as you increase the amount of knowledge you acquire.

As and aftermath the accumulation of this learnings will become more evident to you and to the people around. also, you will become more articulated to defend or portrait ideas and concepts not just for you, but also for your society. Becoming every time more self-aware of you and your surroundings.

This is a part of what happens in any learning process. and after this phase you can decide what you do with this new knowledge or skill you have learned; and for this you have two options., Use it for your personal benefit, that in a way is limited to your persona and your personal goals. or go beyond and use it also for the others for a grater benefit. if you do this you become a Positive Active Oriented person and with the knowledge you acquired you can perform new ideologies, new perceptions that will impact your surroundings and will benefit you personally in different levels. This type people can transform any knowledge into an active use.

In SBW Berlin we stand for this positive active attitude towards knowledge, and we look that our scholarship recipients impact not just their personal life but also their entire societies.

Because we believe that positive active learners can move entire countries and entire societies.