We are delighted to announce our 5-year anniversary and therefore, would like to share a few words here.

In April 2018, our organization was added to the commercial register. Starting small then we’ve steadily grown since.

There is a saying that most things have a rocky start. This also applies to us. At first, our scholarship program was intended to create more opportunities for groups of minorities in terms of professional training.
We quickly realized that the program had to be adapted to the actual reality and current situations.
This is how the SBW Berlin scholarship program for international students was born to especially support those who wanted to evolve and develop their own social projects with strong connections to their home countries.
Meanwhile SBW Berlin has many scholarship recipients who diligently and passionately continue to work on their project and its objectives in their respective home countries.
As a result, they share their knowledge, and more people receive opportunities to live a self-determined life.

SBW Berlin also has been growing structurally in itself.
In 2019, we founded a representation of us in Bulgaria.
Up to this day, we have purchased a school building and have been actively supporting a hospital for children suffering from lung disease.
The aim of this project is to close the educational gap during the children’s stay in the clinic and to set up our own SBW School soon.

To illustrate another of SBW Berlin’s structural developments, we can look at the construction project at our headquarters in Berlin.
There we converted the attic into new office spaces.

The SBW Berlin team is looking forward to steadily continuing its work from the new offices and celebrating any new achievements together.