Every World Day focuses on adifferent international topic.

The first World Day was proclaimed on October 31, 1947 by the United Nations (UN). Today there are more than 100 official international World Days of the UN and its sub-organizations.

For your inspiration, we have collected some very simple health tips:

  1. Get some houseplants. They clean the air in your home and some also smell very nicely.
  2. Enjoy more sunshine – depending on the season and the time of day, between 10 and 30 minutes.
  3. Park deliberately a little further away. Thereby you get more exercise and also a little sunshine when the weather is good.
  4. Exchange soft drinks and other drinks fpr filtered tap water or a varied assortment of herbal teas.
  5. Eat some raw vegetables before each meal (e.g. cucumber, peeled carrots, tomatoes, etc.) or a crisp leaf salad.
  6. Look for a farmer’s market or farm nearby where you can buy freshly picked groceries.
  7. Extend your daily sports program by 5 minutes – or start with a sports program of 5 minutes today! You can then slowly increase it. 20 to 30 minutes a day is perfect, but even with 3 x 30 minutes a week your health will benefit at lot.
  8. Drink green smoothies at least once a week.
  9. Take a hot relaxing bath. You can also add bath salts or soothing herbs such as lavender or vitalising herbs such as rosemary to the water.
  10. Enjoy nature with all your senses.
  11. Choose healthy fats for cooking, such as virgin olive oil or high quality organic linseed oil or hemp oil.
  12. Check your sleeping habits and make sure you sleep at least 7.5 hours every night. A regular day and night rhythm helps you fall asleep more easily and gives your day structure.
  13. Add more bitter substances to your diet, for instance bitter salads such as chicory, endive salad or dandelion root, milk thistle seeds, artichoke and kelp.
  14. Ignore television or decide beforehand about what you want to see and how much time you want to spend in front of the tv before you switch it on.
  15. Grow your own sprouts. If you eat only 30 grams of sprouts a day, you will strengthen your immune system and prevent cancer.

Sunny greetings and stay healthy!
Your SBW team