World Environment Day is an annual celebration which has increasingly gained popularity within the last few years and that is a very good thing. On this day we righteously call attention and honor our environment and habitat which both have been stricken by various crises in past and recent years.
However, as members of the global community we can always change that and strive to protect the environment.

After Covid-19 restricting in Berlin were recently lifted, we, including the SBW Berlin scholarship recipients and the SBW Berlin team, were able to gather on June 5, 2021, for the first time in awhile in the beautiful front and back yards at SBW Berlin to celebrate World Environment Day while members of the organization Green Crusaders meet in West Benghal, India despite of the ongoing strict Covid-19 restriction there. The World Environment Day has been celebrated for some time but has been especially important for activists since the organization’s founding in the 1990ies.

In order to honor various traditions in India (e.g. reciting names of environmental activists and poetry, calling attention to environmental changes etc.), we decided to plant a sapling here in Berlin. In different places in India Green Crusaders activists and others also planted saplings and activists held a small no-plastic campaign in the Junglegheri village. Here in Berlin, we gave several short speeches on the impact of climate change and repotted a lovely fig tree symbolizing growth and our all hope for a greener future. We will always remember this day, June 5, 2021, when taking care and looking at our fig tree and maybe we will be able to harvest and eat figs together this or next fall.