History of SBW Berlin

Stefan Wienecke’s family has been self-employed for 5 generations and has over 60 years experience in the real estate industry. His desire for social commitment and to work in non-profit had existed for a long time. However, the realization of this idea came only after a series of events that ultimately determined the right time for SBW Berlin’s establishment.

Anika Maneva worked at Wienecke-Immobilien (Wienecke Real Estate Property) during her studies. She was also interested in the non-profit sector and wrote her final thesis on how to found a non-profit limited liability company. Her practical experience during her studies led to first contacts with non-profit organizations and through them she was able to get to know the structures relevant to non-profit organizations better.

The vision for their own non-profit became more tangible as a result. Thus, SBW Berlin was founded in 2018 by Anika Maneva and Stefan Wienecke and soon thereafter its social engagement started with the first scholarship awards.


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