We often receive inquiries about SBW Berlin, the SBW Berlin scholarship program and the application process. Usually, you can find more detailed information on these topics in the relevant scholarship guidelines. We therefore recommend that you read the guidelines carefully before applying. However, we have compiled and answered a few questions for you here.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. We do not offer on-site personal consultation appointments. If you have any questions, you are welcome to send us a message via the contact form on the SBW Berlin website or to info@sbw.berlin

There are three different types of scholarships: the SBW Berlin Scholarship for study programs in the social sector, the SBW Berlin Scholarship for international students and the SBW Berlin Scholarship for refugees. Detailed information on the various scholarships can be found on the SBW Berlin website and in the relevant guidelines.

We have a total of 20 scholarship places. Each semester, only as many scholarships are awarded as there are places available.

The target group depends on the type of scholarship. As a rule, young people who are already proactively involved in social causes and can demonstrate a strong motivation to develop or continue social projects so that these projects can support people in need are eligible to apply. There should be a general benefit for society.

The duration of the funding is a minimum of 30 days to a maximum of 48 months. The respective standard period of study is decisive. Funding is granted in periods, usually for the following semester.

Yes, because before the end of each semester it is determined whether further funding is justified. Funding may be terminated by the SBW Berlin in the following cases: two failed compulsory examinations or two postponed examinations, failure to meet the target agreements set for the social/non-profit project or if the funds are not used for the intended purpose. The monetary benefits paid by the SBW Berlin up to the end of the sponsorship must then be repaid to the SBW Berlin in 12 monthly installments 3 months after the end of the sponsorship or studies. Detailed information on other reasons for a termination of funding and the obligation to repay the scholarship can be found in the relevant scholarship guidelines and the scholarship contracts.

There are two options after the regular end of the study or funding period: International graduates return to their respective home countries and continue to develop their projects there in cooperation with non-profit/social organizations for at least 18 months, or international graduates remain in Germany, albeit with a repayment agreement. However, the then valid attached and notarized repayment plan, for the monetary payments made by the SBW Berlin up to that point and for 12 monthly instalments starting 3 months after the end of the course, represents a major burden. It is therefore important to note that more favorable opportunities exist if scholarship recipients intend to stay in Germany from the outset. Further information on this can be found in the relevant scholarship guidelines and the scholarship contracts.

Recognized refugees living in Germany, homeless foreigners living in Germany, holders of a residence permit according to §§22, 23 para. 1 or 2, §§23a, 25para. 1 or 2 of the AufenthG with permanent residence in Germany, holder of a residence permit pursuant to §25 para. 3, para. 4 sentence 2 or para. 5 AufenthG if you are permanently residing in Germany and hold a permanent residence permit for Germany. All applicants and incoming scholarship recipients must already be socially committed.

The scholarships include a furnished room in shared student flats at Rudower Str. 67, 12351 Berlin. Scholarship recipients are assigned flats according to their specific gender.

A family reunification through the SBW Berlin Scholarship Program is not possible. Family members or friends may not live with scholarship recipients at SBW Berlin. Family members or third parties cannot be financially supported by the SBW Berlin Scholarship Program. This will result in an extraordinary termination of the scholarship contract.

As a rule, the costs for language courses or a preparatory year are not covered. Financial support for incoming scholarship recipients only begins at the start of the semester and after their arrival in Berlin. A deposit for a study place or any tuition fees can therefore only be paid at this point. Please note that if the deposit or tuition fees are higher than the national average, you will have to personally contribute to the overall costs.

The application form for all three types of scholarships is only available on the online application portal of SBW Berlin and is only shared as a link. Please note that a letter of recommendation or a letter of motivation is required first. Only after a careful examination of this letter will outstanding applicants be granted access to the online application portal. Detailed information on the application process can be found in the relevant guidelines.

There are no application deadlines. Applicants can apply for the scholarship program all year round.


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