Projects of our scholarship holders

Upon acceptance of the scholarship, all of our scholarship recipients commit to work on a social project within a manageable amount. It is also expected that they develop their own social projects. But what does that mean?

For the inspiration of future applicants, we present here some projects of our scholarship recipients.

Get to know us

Vasylysa, Projekt „Musical Frontline“

Vasylysa introduces herself and her project and talks about her passions, motivations and her social music initiative. With her Ukrainian music, she draws attention to the situation in her home country and supports organizations.

George, Project “Youth School Drop-Out Prevention”

In his project, Octavian analyzes the impact of employee retention on learner achievement at a private secondary school in Tanzania. In doing so, he presents several strategies to solidify retention and thus also to improve learner performance.

Titas, Environment & Environmental Awareness Project

Titas’ project focuses on the environment and environmental protection, but also on the school education of girls in the Sundarban region in the north-east of India.

Enrique Luna, “Musica y Movimiento” Project

In his project, he promotes a general understanding of music and focuses on its therapeutic effect.

Diana, peace project in Colombia

Diana talks about her social project, the time after her studies and especially addresses interested people who want to develop something good for their home country.

George, “Youth Drop-Out School Prevention” project

How can we encourage students to continue attending school even in difficult economic times? George presents his social project here.

Initiate your own project!

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