School Project in Bulgaria

With our school project in Bulgaria we try to create the “perfect school” according to our ideas. Our ideas are significantly shaped by our vision and our mission, and our milestones are also taken into account.

In this way, our school aims to contribute to a socially better world, where children are made aware of social issues in addition to learning about them. Special talents are promoted and through our on-site cultural center, an international exchange on social and educational topics will take place in the future.

Talent development

For talent development, we look at innovative school concepts that are already being implemented elsewhere and try to develop the perfect concept based on them. Currently, extracurricular activities are organized to prepare for competitions in various subjects.

For the implementation of our school project we have purchased a school building in Trjavna, a small Bulgarian town situated at an altitude of about 440 m on the northern slopes of the Balkan Mountains. The building needs to be renovated and at the same time it will be expanded to create accessibility for everyone including a barrier-free access and an elevator.

Because of the climatic conditions that are well suited for this, there is a hospital in the immediate vicinity of our school that specializes in the treatment of children with lung disease and with which we already collaborate. Hospital clowns, for example, regularly visit the young patients and a coordinated concept is being worked on to keep the children occupied and encouraged when they have free time in addition to their treatments. Through our cultural center, other activities such as sporting events, trips to the surrounding area, but also extracurricular classes are offered, so that the children do not have large gaps in their knowledge due to their stay in the hospital.


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