Our vision is a world in which all people have the opportunity to develop their potential freely — regardless of their background.


We award scholarships to young talents who sustainably realize their own charitable projects in their home countries.

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SBW Berlin and international

SBW Berlin supports educational projects all over the world. With our SBW Berlin Scholarship, we contribute to the international advancement and dissemination of education and knowledge.

We award our scholarship to young talents from abroad who have already shown social commitment in their home country. With our scholarship, we enable them to achieve a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Germany (Berlin or Potsdam). In special cases we also fund professional training.

Our scholarship holders then use the knowledge they gain while they study in Germany to support non-profit projects in their home country, often in the education sector.

In addition to our SBW Berlin scholarship, we also support educational projects in Bulgaria, India and Nicaragua, kenia, and Colombia.

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World Environment Day on June 5th, 2021, at SBW Berlin

World Environment Day is an annual celebration which has increasingly gained popularity within the last few years and that is a very good thing. On this day we righteously call attention and honor our environment and habitat which both have been stricken by various crises in past and recent years....

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Short story of my life

Today we are introducing José Luis Zeledon Picado who lives in Nicaragua and is one of our SBW Berlin scholarship recipients. My name is José Luis Zeledon Picado and my parents are Iracela Picado and David Zeledon. I was born at home in Rosita, a municipality within the autonomous region in the...

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