The interview with Octavian provides insights into his experiences and future plans as he adjusts to his new role at Bethania Technical Secondary School (BTSS) and reflects on his scholarship journey. Octavian talks about his future plans, completed projects, challenges and more. He also mentions his involvement in charitable activities and outlines his personal and professional goals.

  1. How are you doing at the moment and what plans do you have for the future?
    – I am doing well, adapting to my new role at Bethania Technical Secondary School and concentrating on integrating myself into the team. In the future, I would like to expand my social commitment, especially with organizations that support orphans and street children.
  2. What projects have you completed and what successes or milestones have you achieved during the scholarship period?
    – Since arriving at BTSS, I have been involved in planning for the upcoming year and helping with the recruiting and onboarding process to build a stronger team. Beyond academic achievement, my scholarship allowed me to immerse myself in a different culture, develop a global mindset and build a network of professional contacts through training and internships.
  3. What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?
    – The main challenge was to overcome resistance to change in the new team at BTSS. Through regular communication and collaboration, we gradually build a cohesive team.
  4. Have you acquired new skills or improved existing ones, and have you successfully built relationships with colleagues, mentors or other scholarship holders?
    – During my time in Germany, I focused on International Human Resources Management and Business Administration, broadening my skills and understanding of global perspectives. In Germany, I have built up strong relationships with mentors and fellow scholarship holders. I also made positive connections with colleagues and mentors at BTSS.
  5. How did you benefit from your network during the scholarship and what important lessons did you learn during your time as a scholarship holder?
    – My network offered me support, guidance and a variety of perspectives that enriched my experience and broadened my horizons. I have learned to accept diverse points of view and accept that my preconceptions can be challenged, leading to greater understanding and collaboration.

In conclusion, I am grateful for the transformative experience that SBW Berlin offered me. I am confident that the skills and knowledge I have gained will not only benefit me, but also contribute to positive change in my community and beyond. Warm greetings from Bethania and Tanzania, and I wish everyone a fulfilling journey.