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SBW Berlin advocates for a socially better world.

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SBW Berlin and International

The SBW Berlin is committed to a social better world. Together with our scholarship holders and partner organizations from Germany and abroad, we design, develop and promote projects that support people in need and have a general benefit for society. We believe that education and the dissemination of educational opportunities are the key to improving the living conditions of all people. In addition to education, social commitment is also an important cornerstone of all our projects. Our scholarship programs are therefore designed not only to support talented people in their education, but also to support people from all over the world who have fewer opportunities for education but are socially engaged through their social commitment.

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Scholarship for refugees


International students

  • For all scholarship holders: a furnished room in a SBW Berlin shared student flat during the funding period
  • Granting of tuition fees depending on the type of scholarship*
  • Granting of monthly support depending on the type of scholarship*

* Further information can be found in the relevant scholarship guidelines and on the SBW Berlin website

  • Interest in social commitment and the development of social projects
  • Transparency and clear communication regarding professional goals etc.
  • Cooperation (past and future) with a non-profit/social organization in the home country*
  • Further education plan*
  • No financial support from family members or third parties possible through the scholarship program, etc.*

* Further information can be found in the relevant scholarship guidelines and on the SBW Berlin website

  • Proactive development of social projects during your studies (2 to 8 working hours per week on the social project)
  • Good academic performance in each sponsored semester*
  • Active participation in regular project meetings and workshops at SBW Berlin
  • Preparation of project reports
  • Preparation and realization of lectures or presentations on the projects
  • Transparency and clear communication regarding professional goals

* Further information can be found in the relevant scholarship guidelines and on the SBW Berlin website

SBW Berlin may terminate a sponsorship in the event of

  • two failed compulsory examinations or two postponed examinations
  • failure to meet the target agreement set for the social/charitable project
  • misappropriation of the funds provided

In these cases, a repayment agreement is concluded, which must be notarized. Consequently, the scholarships or the monetary payments made by SBW Berlin to date must then be repaid in 12 monthly installments* without interest 3 months after the end of the funding period or standard period of study. A repayment agreement is also concluded and must be notarized if international students remain in Germany after the end of their studies or funding period* * Further information on this can be found in the relevant scholarship guidelines and on the SBW Berlin website

Our fellows talk about their social commitment

Q&A with Diana

Enrique Luna and his project on music and movement therapy

School project in Bulgaria

In our school in Trjavna in Bulgaria we also want to support talented children. Because of the building’s location next to a hospital for children suffering from lung diseases, we also intend to support those children admitted there as inpatients to address and close any educational gaps during their hospital stays. Find out more about our work in Bulgaria here.

Music therapy as a project of SBW Berlin

In our work with several musically gifted scholarship recipients, we have gained experiences in the field of music therapy. Thus, this form of therapy turned into one of SBW Berlin’s permanent projects. Processing feelings is easier through music. This might be especially relevant and helpful for refugees.

Upcoming events

On a regular basis there are various events at SBW Berlin. Would you like to participate or attend any such event? Just take a look and let us know which one you’d like to attend by sending us a short message.

There are no events.


We regularly share information on new projects, workshops, and events.

Language circle

Language circle On August 11, our first language circle took place. We met in the premises of the SBW Berlin to refresh our German skills or to start learning German. We


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