Our vision is a world in which all people have the opportunity to develop their potential freely — regardless of their background.


We award scholarships to young talents who sustainably realize their own charitable projects in their home countries.

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SBW Berlin and international

SBW Berlin supports educational projects all over the world. With our SBW Berlin Scholarship, we contribute to the international advancement and dissemination of education and knowledge.

We award scholarships to young talents from abroad who have already shown civil engagement in their home country and who are coming from a financially disadvantaged family background. With our scholarship, we enable them to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Germany (Berlin or Potsdam). In special cases we also fund professional training instead.

Our scholarship recipients will apply the knowledge, they acquire during their studies in Germany, in their work on their and new social, non-profit projects in their home countries. They often work in the education sector.

One of the most important requiremnts of the SBW Berlin scholarship is the SBW Berlin scholarship recipients’ intention to return and recide in their home countries for at least 18 months after the completition of their studies. Thus, from the begining of the scholarship, SBW Berlin supports all scholarships recipients to realize their professional goals in their home countries. This is done through networking with other organizations, throught SBW Berlin´s assistance with targeted job searches in the scholarship recipients´ home countries and with the preparation of job materials thereafter. In addition, all developend social non-profit projects should have strong connections with the scholarship recipients´ home countries.

In addition to our SBW Berlin scholarship, we also support educational projects in Bulgaria, India,  Kenya, Colombia, Mexico, and Nicaragua

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Workshop Project Report

On July 16 we met for our workshop “How to write a project report?” and we discussed how important it is to set clear objectives and not to be afraid of changes. Writing or drafting often begins with research, but also means to formulate ideas and thoughts into strong arguments. It also includes...

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Round Table Discussion „Budgeting“

Our new round table discussion series started last week. In this series we’ll address everyday challenges and try to find solutions by sharing past experiences and recommendations. It was also a great opportunity to inaugurate our new gallery and lounge. Last week’s round table dealt with the...

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