SBW Berlin Scholarship

We are pleased that you want to apply for the SBW scholarship. Please have the following documents ready as they must be uploaded while filling out the application form: 

  • A motivation letter (1-2 pages)
  • A copy of your last school or university transcript that shows your grade point average and a grading overview
  • A copy of your highest academic degree (high school diploma or university diploma) with your grade point average and a grading overview


If available, copies of the following documents should be included as well:

  • University admission or evidence of your qualification for university entrance (Berlin/Potsdam)
  • A copy of an internationally recognized language certificate for the language in which your studies will be taught. (Such a certificate will be required by the verification process at the latest.)
  • All previous work, training, apprenticeship, and internship certificates and references
  • If you have already started studying, all so far obtained university transcripts and records of achievements (graded and ungraded)


We recommend that all applicants submit the following additional documents, which are not mandatory:

  • One or two letters of recommendation from professors, schoolteachers, employers etc.
  • Evidence of the net household income (If you only provided information of the total net household income on the application form, you will be asked to submit further documentation proofing the household net-income by the verification process.)

Please submit your application and all enclosed certificates and supporting documents as PDFs in German or English. If a document was issue in another language, we also ask for a translation into German or English. Simple copies and simple translations are sufficient for the application.


Your letter of motivation should address at least the following questions:

  • Why did you choose this field of studies?
  • What past experiences do you have in volunteering or working in the non-profit sector?
  • What is your initial project idea? Who is the target group? What social value does your project have and how does it benefit your home country?
  • What career goals do you have after completing your studies? Where do you see yourself after your studies and once you have returned to your home country? What do you want to do there?
  • Why should we select you as a scholarship recipient?

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