In collaboration with the organisation “Give Something Back to Berlin” (GSBTB), one of our scholarship recipients Titas became somewhat of an “ambassador” of his home country India and turned into the volunteer chef of the day sharing recipes of traditional Indian food at the Open Kitchen project.

Open Kitchen is a social kitchen project by GSBTB centering on cooking together in a social setting that allows people from different cultural and social backgrounds to meet and to interact with each other. Furthermore, they can share part of their culture and past experiences in life while they are cooking together traditional meals from their home countries there. 

It also serves as a meeting point for individuals who want to feel integrated especially while living in a new country. Thus, Open Kitchen creates a welcoming environment that allows people to talk about their worries and share new ideas. And why not doing this, while enjoying a wonderful meal together?

At SBW Berlin, we support our scholarship recipients in networking with other organizations and institutions, so they can gather new ideas for their social projects and gain more experiences in talking about them.  

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