Last week, we began our new roundtable series where we address everyday challenges and seek solutions to them together by sharing proven tips. It was also a good opportunity to inaugurate our new gallery and lounge. Our topic this time was “Budgeting” and together we collected ideas on how SBW Berlin scholarship holders can keep track of their monthly financial expenses. Some scholarship holders told us where they prefer to shop or where to get fruit and vegetables at reasonable prices in Berlin. We also talked about how it might be helpful to keep a budget book where you write down all of your monthly running costs as well as other expenses. You could also create a weekly meal plan, sift through brochures and write a shopping list before you go shopping. We also all agreed not to go shopping hungry. In the end, we all had learned something and decided to watch our monthly expenses. For example, the fellows also had the idea of cooking together to save money, but also to be sociable. We are already looking forward to the next round of talks – perhaps on the topic of “language and learning German” – next month.